Wednesday, August 17, 2016

90% kids support Trump, a small survey in summer camp class shows

As it is impossible to know how much the surveys carried out by major media could reflect the truth, and how much cheating could go in there and the actual voting process, we decided to ask local summer camp kids what they think.  

Kids are less unlikely to lie and may have gained their information and attitude from their parents. They do not have the pressure of 'political correctness' to keep their job. We thus believe this reflects the true thoughts and judgment of people in our area.  

We asked this question in a summer camp class with around 20 children ranging from age 6 to age 12, "do you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?"

An astonishing number of 90% of the kids claimed that they support Donald Trump; some said very confidently that 'We ALL support Trump'. Very few were bewildered and asked, "Is Donald Trump the duck?" ZERO supported Clinton. 

If Clinton gets more votes in Ann Arbor west side, then the system is really rigged and hopeless.

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